Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lyman Good Crushes His Enemies, Sees Them Driven Before Him, and Hears the Lamentation of Their Women

He's undefeated, with dangerous grappling, fearsome striking and unmatched conditioning. He's Team Tiger Schulmann 175-pounder Lyman Good, a.k.a. "Lyman the Terrible", a.k.a. "Lyman the Barbarian", and at the recent IFL semi-finals event in New Jersey, he met Team Quest's Mike Dolce on the field of battle and emerged victorious. Few can withstand what Good brings into combat, and fewer still can bear what defeat at his hands may bring. For their losses at Ring of Combat 9 and Ring of Combat 10, Adam Fearon and John Zecchino were sold into slavery, while it's rumored that Dolce returned to Team Quest's kingdom in Gresham, Oregon to find the city pillaged and burning. Is there none out there who dare meet the challenge of this conquering warrior? Someone who won't wither under the cold steel of his lead roundkick, or falter under the fury of his razor-sharp flurry? Perhaps there is. Or, perhaps there isn't, and we all shall soon be calling him "Lyman the King".