Thursday, January 22, 2015

New York State Assembly MMA Bill Scorecard


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is in cuffs, and the possibility of him getting the boot and a replacement being chosen could mean no more impasse when it comes to getting the MMA bill to the floor for a vote. But who would be his successor and would they be in favor of lifting the ban on the sport in New York? At this point, it's impossible to predict who could assume the role of Speaker, as the process could involve some Game of Thrones-esque power grabbing and bloodletting. However, thanks to hindsight, we can tell who in the Assembly supported MMA bills in the past. And here's the list!

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to Be Arrested on Corruption Charges Today


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver - widely credited as the man who is keeping any and all MMA bills from getting a floor vote in the State Assembly - is expected to be arrested on corruption charges today. The charges stem from an investigation conducted by federal authorities on Speaker Silver's finances. Here's the New York Times with the skinny: