Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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Why You Should Care About ROC 41 - Reason #2

Ring of Combat.  Where dreams are made and nightmares are born.  Where men go to fight and bleed for our viewing pleasure.  Where wretched hive, scum, villainy, blah, blah, blah.  Friday is ROC 41, and if you're looking for reasons why you should care, you've come to the right place.  Take reason number two, for instance: James Jenkins.  Here's the skinny on this featherweight, who'll be fighting for a championship belt.
  • Jenkins is undefeated as a pro, and though he's a competent fighter when it comes to slapping on submissions, his success is based in large part with the fact that he's fantastic at standing and banging.  In his last trip into the cage, he waded into the deep water with the veteran Dwayne Shelton, and sealed the deal when he found openings and began wobbling Shelton with strikes. 
  • Dude.  Hits.  Hard.
  • Team Serra/Longo.  That's where he trains out of.  Which means not only is he really sharpening his skills, but he's on track to perform on a stage bigger than that of Ring of Combat.  If (and when) he wins the belt on Friday, you can bet making the leap to the majors is on the horizon.
  • Jenkins' opponent is Guillermo Serment, who looks to be a scrapper out of the Midwest.  According to this article, Serment's nickname is "El Gallo Negro".  If my Spanish is correct, that translates into "the black bean".  Jenkins' ain't getting beat by no bean!