Monday, November 16, 2009

ROC 27 to Feature Uriah Hall's Third MMA Bout Ever

TSMMA middleweight striking specialist Uriah Hall could be considered "green" by most standards.  After all, the man has only had two MMA bouts thus far, and he's slated to have his third at ROC 27 this Friday against Mitch Whitesel (a wrestler with 26 MMA fights to his record).  Why, then, is Hall expected to kill Whitesel once the referee says "go"?  Because at six-feet tall and sporting an action figure's physique, Hall is what you'd call a "natural born killer", and from his first fight back at ROC 9 until his second and last fight at Bellator FC in June (where Hall defeated by TKO a fighter with a 16-12 record), he's been honing himself into a keen razor's edge.  Is he competent on the ground?  Supposedly, but because his jumping back-kicks tend to fold opponents in half and his flurries are like the wrath of an angry Babylonian god, his fights really haven't gotten that far.  As a very experienced competitor, maybe Whitesel will be the first to get Hall down and keep him there.  But probably not.  Though green, Hall is that good.  Watch out for him.