Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This is What Happens When Snow Tiger Kung Fu Fights San Bao


From the last Manup Standup - 1.26.14 in Jamaica, Queens.

A George Sullivan Video Tribute, Courtesy of CFFC


What do you get when you're a Cage Fury Fighting Championship champ and the UFC gives you a call? If you're George Sullivan, you get this nice video tribute, which was aired during a break at last Saturday's CFFC in Atlantic City, N.J.

Sullivan has had some ups and downs lately - this profile in the Newark Star-Ledger didn't do him any favors, but he scored a win in his UFC debut - so some recognition by the local org he's called him for the last few years is pretty nice. And George deserves it, as he's a pretty nice guy himself.

VCS Champ Ashley Greenway Signs with Invicta FC


Victory Combat Sports 115-pound female champ Ashley Greenway has graduated to the big leagues, signing with top-flight all-women's organization Invicta FC. The North Carolina native will be competing in Invicta's 115-pound weight class, which was recently pillaged by the UFC for TUF 20.

When last we saw the amiable Greenway, she was armbarring Ashley Miller at a September VCS show at the Armory in Manhattan. Actually, scratch that. When we last saw Greenway, she was celebrating her win by getting another tattoo.

As you can tell by her collection of ink, Greenway wins a lot.