Friday, January 8, 2010

Predictions for UFC Fight Night 20: "Ultimate Where Have All the Big Names Gone?"

UFC Fight Night 20 comes to us on Monday night on SpikeTV, a night usually reserved for picking up your dry cleaning and watching "Heroes" and wistfully thinking how good that show used to be but now it completely and utterly sucks. Anyway, UFC Fight Night 20 is another star-studded affair (ha!) featuring three TUF winners with practically zero standing in their respective weight classes. In other words, WHY SHOULD WE CARE? The answer: we shouldn't. Predictions!
  • Amir Sadollah won TUF 7. However, TUF 7 was lame as hell, so that's like medaling in the Special Olympics. Expect Brad Blackburn to TKO him. Or not. Who cares?
  • Tom Lawlor is not related to Robbie Lawler. In fact, their last names aren't even spelled the same.
  • Efrain Escudero dry-humped Philippe Nover to win TUF 9. A quick show of hands, people: how many wish Nover had won it all? Boy, that dude can scrap.
  • Nate Diaz won TUF 5. Unfortunately, he's what you get when you can't afford Nick Diaz.
  • Gray Maynard didn't win any season of The Ultimate Fighter. He did, however, knock himself out once slamming Rob Emerson to the canvas. Hello dork!

Prediction for WEC 46: "Varner vs. Henderson vs. Honestly, Could These Guys Hang with Anyone in the UFC?"

Another installment of the WEC awaits, an installment featuring what the organization is best known for: the absolute toughest featherweights in the world, plus some lightweight dudes who would get slaughtered if they fought in the UFC. So... predictions!
  • Deividas Taurosevicius is taking on Mackens Semerzier. Get ready to witness the first-ever injury to a ring announcer on television. Seriously, these fighters can't even pronounce their own names.
  • I remember when Anthony Morrison was knocking out opponents in New Jersey's amateur shows, so of course I'm rooting for him. But Mike Brown is the number two ranked 145-pound fighter in the world... I'm just saying,
  • Kamal Shalorus? Kamal, shamazzle, hossenfeffer corporated!
  • Remember when Urijah Faber was like the WEC's superstar posterboy hero? Man, times sure change.
  • Jamie Varner: the best lightweight the WEC has to offer, and still not good enough for the Octagon.