Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Transcript from Takanori Gomi/Kenny Florian Media Conference Call

The following is a transcript from yesterday's Takanori Gomi/Kenny Florian media conference call, held and moderated by SpikeTV. The two lightweights are scheduled to meet at an upcoming UFC Fight Night on March 31st.

Moderator: "Okay, thank you to everyone for calling in. If you have a question, just press '1' and then the pound sign. First question is from Mark Champers from MMAEverything.com.

Mark Champers: "Yeah, this is a question for both Kenny and Gomi. How have you guys been preparing for your fight?"

Kenny Florian: "I've been working my Muay Thai a lot, been doing a lot of strength and conditioning, and I'm making sure my jiu-jitsu is very polished. Gomi is a tough opponent, so I want to be ready."

Takanori Gomi: "巨大なトカゲは都市を攻撃しています!"


Mark Champers: "Uh, what did he say?"

Moderator: "I-I'm not entirely sure..."

Takanori Gomi: "Zentradiにアプローチする予定です。私たちは Macrossを防御しなければなりません!"

Mark Champers: "I can't understand what he's saying. Is that Japanese?"

Kenny Florian: "Is he talking about Robotech?"

Moderator: "Um, I think there's been a misunderstanding. I was told Mr. Gomi spoke English."

Takanori Gomi: "Daniel-san! 集中してください。パワーの焦点を合わせてください。."

Kenny Florian: "Wow. Karate Kid. Nice."

Moderator: "Okay, does anyone on the line speak Japanese?"

(A chorus of "no".)

Takanori Gomi: "私は、マグロの寿司、エビの天ぷら、およびみそ汁の注文が欲しいと思います。. American dog!"

Moderator: "Alright, well I think that concludes this conference call. Thank you to Mr. Florian and Mr. Gomi, and thanks to everyone who called in."

Kenny Florian: "You're, uh, welcome."

Takanori Gomi: "Hattori Hanzo刀は最も良いです!"