Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pennsylvania Promoters in a Legal Kerfluffle


It seems that no matter where you go, there are always promoters who don't get along. Such is the case in Pennsylvania, where one promoter has filed suit in federal court saying he's been unfairly shut out of the lucrative market there.

Here's the Pennsylvania Record with the deets:

The Best of Aggressive Combat Championships


Aggressive Combat Championship 8 is set to go down this weekend at York College Arena in Jamaica, Queens, and as usual, some of the top MMA teams in New York will be clashing in the cage. From Tiger Schulmann MMA and Kai Next Level Martial Arts to Striking 101 and Bellmore Kickboxing, ACC 8 will have them all - and take my word for it, there's nothing more entertaining than sitting among hundreds of screaming spectators rooting for their boy (or girl).

In the spirit of hyping this event, here are three blasts from the past. Check them out and you'll have a good idea of what to expect on Saturday night.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Brawl 5 Poster


More Videos From NYFE 4


New York Fight Exchange 4 saw some thrilling contests play out in the cage on Saturday - not the least of which where the prolonged battles fought between a bunch of guys who seemingly had no quit in them.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jungle Gym Shines at NYFE 4


It was a good night to be a part of the Jungle Gym tribe at Saturday night's New York Fight Exchange 4 event.

Before packed house at the Amazura Nightclub in Jamaica, Queens, Jungle Gym reps Paul Grant and Daniel Rodriguez battled their hearts out against two ultra-tough fighters from the Long Island MMA team - and after three hard-fought rounds, Grant and Rodriguez came away with wins.

Friday, September 19, 2014

There's a Ridiculous Amount of Muay Thai in NYC On Tap


I'm not sure when or how it happened, but at some point in recent history New York City became the nexus of all Muay Thai competition. Case in point: the ridiculous amount of Muay Thai action on tap this weekend and next. As per the poster above, there's a Friday Night Fights installment tonight at the Broad Street Ballroom, which is down in the labyrinthine neighborhood of Wall Street.

Bouts to Watch at Ring of Combat 49 Tonight


Yes, there is a Ring of Combat in Atlantic City, NJ, tonight. No, I am not going (stupid parole officer won't give me permission to leave the state...). But that doesn't mean there aren't some very intriguing bouts that you and I should care about - there are. And here they are!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The View From Upstate, Part 2 - Forrest Hobbick Has Seen Some Shit


Forrest Hobbick, that man deserves a huge amount of praise for what we were able to accomplish. We really had a great infrastructure. Not only were we having independent regulation, but he made sure the majority of officials were never from that region so there were no hometown decisions. We really were able to put together the troops! There were inspectors in the locker rooms, full compliance, everybody wearing independent gear to show they were independent regulators… honestly, I’m very proud of what we do all over the world, but I’m extraordinarily proud of what we accomplished in short period of time in a state that was rogue. I would put our regulations of events right there with the most experienced commissions.” – Cory Schafer, President of the International Sport Karate Association
2012 was a pivotal year for MMA in New York, as it was the year the Attorney General finally acknowledged that the law banning pro iterations of the sport didn’t apply to amateur versions. What followed was an explosion of events – some well-run with all the safety precautions taken, some not so much. For Upstate New York, the common denominator for the former was invariably third-party sanctioning handled by the ISKA. And at such events, that meant Forrest Hobbick was present behind the scenes, dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Check Out These Pics From the Last MMA Platinum Gloves


Ace photog Joe LoBianco was on hand for the recent MMA Platinum Gloves, so thanks to him we can see some pretty thrilling glimpses of the action that went down. Click here to go to his site and see them in all their glory.

Are You Ready for Another Aggressive Combat Championship Installment?


Saturday's NYFE event may be the next big MMA show on tap for New York City, but exactly one week after that is latest installment of Aggressive Combat Championship. Slated for the York College Arena in Jamaica, Queens, ACC 8 promises to provide all the beatdowns and battles we've come to expect from the promotion, plus the following:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Four Very Good Reasons to Care About NYFE 4 This Saturday


The New York Fight Exchange returns to the Amazura Nightclub in Jamaica, Queens, on Saturday night, and as usual it promises to be the nexus of where fighters repping top local MMA gyms and thrilling action meet. But maybe that enticement is a little too abstract for you and you need something more concrete - yes? Well, here are four very good reasons why you should care about this weekend's NYFE event: