Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chris Weidman Signing at the MMA World Expo


Another Muay Thai Video Because Why the Heck Not?


I have no clue when the next FNF event is (maybe it's their Rumble on the River show?), but in the spirit of kicking and punching in the Big Apple, here's another video they've released. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Watch the Black Taoist Throw Down


He organizes rooftop fights in the projects of Harlem, Manup Standups in Jamaica, Queens, and training sessions in Central Park with like-minded kung fu fighters. I'm talking about Novell Bell, a.k.a. "The Black Taoist", of course, and if you were curious about how well he throws leather, well, check out this vid.

Flashback: Fistfight in Queens


Believe it or not, the site of this particular underground fight show (which took place circa 2007) is now a pristine UFC Gym in Astoria, Queens. It's pretty doubtful that franchise would sign off on holding another event of this ilk.

Where have all the good times gone?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sambo Steve Interviews Fighters Source Honcho Anthony Medina


The next big MMA show in New York City is the Fighters Source event slated for the MMA World Expo of Saturday, and in advance of that, "Sambo" Steve Koepfer interviewed FS honcho Anthony Medina for his blog. Read the whole thing here, but here's a quote I liked:

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting in Central Park


Kung fu fighting in Central Park is definitely a thing, but what makes this little get-together from the weekend even more remarkable is that someone came all the way down from Syracuse to be a part of it. That's some serious dedication.

I'm guessing this is all in preparation for the upcoming installment of Manup Standup - an event that has attracted competitors from as far away as Maine and Utah.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Here's Another Old Underground Fight For You


Here's an old underground fight (circa 2009) for you. Martial Arts Madness was the name of the promotion, so there are some things to note:
  • This was their third event. Also, their last.
  • It took place at a boxing gym two blocks from my home.
  • Competitors had to wear headgear, rules were loose, and the promoter was shady as hell. So shady, in fact, that the promoter's dad tried to affect the outcomes of fights by halting them when an unpopular fighter was winning.
  • This event occurred after the promoter had fought on his own show and paid his opponent to take a dive.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This? Oh, Just Some Old Underground Fight


Kirkland Campbell was an interesting dude. Quiet, almost introverted, he was the most unassuming person in the world whenever he was outside of the ring. Inside the ring, however, he was an animal. Here's one of Kirkland's UCL fights from a few years ago.

Note the Team Tiger Schulmann shorts - Kirkland did not represent them, had only trained with them a few times, but damn if he didn't wear those things every single time he fought.

Flashback: Fighters Source's First NYC Show


In just one week, Fighters Source returns to New York City for what will be the culmination of their current national amateur MMA tournament. In honor of that, here's a look back at FS's first visit to the Big Apple, which took the form of a show called "Kings of New York" and took place on March 23, 2013 at a packed Hammerstein Ballroom.

Featured in this video: Hipster jiu-jitsu stud Diego Lopez, kicking ass and taking names.

New York Fight Exchange 4 Poster


Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Friday Night Fights Video


The folks at FNF have clearly figured out the value of an active YouTube page, because they've released yet another video. This one features a bout between Team Tiger Schulmann's Mike Trizano and Team Workshop's Pawel Zawistowski. Muay Thai, people. Live it, love it.

Cage Fury Fighting Championship 38 Poster


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Highlight Reel From the Last AKBF Fight League Show


Everyone is doing highlight reels of their shows nowadays - which is fine by me since it's physically impossible to cover all these events in person. Here's one from the June AKBF Fight League show in June.

Throwback Thursday: Manup Standup - 12.5.11


Amateur MMA in New York has evolved into a beast that trots around on four legs and comes when you whistle for it, but not too long ago it was slithering through the primordial ooze. Which brings us to Manup Standup, the last bastion of free-wheeling fight show, and perhaps the only remaining vestige of a truly "underground" event. They're still going on - in fact, there's one at the end of August - and they're still pretty cool.

Here's a look at one from 2011.

Sizzle Reel for MMA Platinum Gloves 6


Long Island's MMA Platinum Gloves returns on September 6 for its sixth installment, and just in case you're unsure of what to expect, it will look a little something like this...

Take It To The Top 4 Poster


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Best of MMA in a Catering Hall


I love checking out fight shows at different venues, and Fists of Fury - which is based out of Long Island - has completely got the "amateur MMA show in a catering hall" market cornered. From the chandeliers, to the carpeted floors, to the retirees operating the concession stand doling out food they just made with the care only a retiree can muster, FOF has got it all.Don't believe me? Then check out this highlight video and draw your own conclusions.

Kings of New York Poster


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Just a Karate Dude and a Kung Fu Dude Sparring in the Park


Question: What's a New York City park without some form of fighting going on in it? Answer: Not a New York City park.

Here's a Goju Karate dude taking on an Urban Bagua stylist.

Some Interviews From Saturday's Aggressive Combat Championship 7


Yeah, I missed Saturday night's Aggressive Combat Championship 7 - so what? It doesn't mean I don't care. In fact, I've been scouring YouTube for videos to post about it. Here are two interviews "The Amateur Corner" did with a couple fighters. Watch them and you'll get a sense of what you and I both missed.