Friday, October 17, 2008

The Return of Jay Isip?

If the card holds together, then ROC 22 will bring us the return of one of New Jersey's most exciting fighters. That's right, Jay Isip is coming back. "Who?" you ask? Back when BAMA FightNight was the only show in town, Isip - who hails from Team Endgame and fights like a 155-pound wrestler on crystal meth - was kicking ass in Shootfighting tournaments, and he made the leap to Reality Fighting and Sportfighting when those promotions rolled around. Yes, his record sucks, but the dude had zero problems fighting the best (Kurt Pellegrino, Frankie Edgar, Deividas Taurosevicius), and every time he fought you could count on a balls-to-the-wall performance. Pray that when November 21st comes, Isip is still on the card.

Things That Won't Happen at UFC 89

UFC 89. Birmingham, England. SpikeTV. Yeah, right on. Anyway, the following is a list of things that definitely won't happen at the Michael Bisping/Chris Leben headlined event.
  1. Chris Leben will not win by omoplata.
  2. Michael Bisping will not say anything after the bout that an American will be able to understand.
  3. Brandon Vera will not do a victory dance resembling the Cha-Cha or the Charleston. Sadly.
  4. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou will not utilize a cloaking device or shoulder-mounted laser.
  5. Marcus Davis will not thank the Irish Republican Army for their war against the British.
  6. Chris Lytle will not get cut and bleed profusely. Oh, forget that one. He's going to be spurting blood simply from walking to the cage.

Preliminary ROC 22 Card Released

A preliminary card for Ring of Combat 22 on November 21st has been released, and while the event is five weeks away - which is plenty of time for fighters to drop out - the assembled roster as it stands now is certainly an impressive one. Perennial top New Jersey fighter Chris Liguori makes his return, as does TUF veteran Dante Rivera (against TUF washout Paul Bradley), EliteXC veteran John Doyle, and jiu-jitsu black belt Igor Gracie. Some other fighters to watch:
  • Tim Troxell - one of the best 145 pounders in the Garden State, he'll be facing ROC "Beasts of the Northeast" tournament finalist Dave Sachs.
  • Tom Gallicchio - a top-ranked welterweight, Gallicchio will be taking on a tough but overmatched Rich Ashkar.
  • Jimmie Rivera and Nick Pace - the next generation of Team Tiger Schulmann's MMA warriors, both fighters are transitioning to pro from extensive amateur careers.
  • Leandro Hernandez - a tough BAMA FightNight vet in need of a win, Hernandez will be taking on UCL vet Andrew Leone.
  • Dom Stanco - a welterweight with heavy, heavy hands, Stanco should be fighting for a belt soon.
  • Greg Soto - a welterweight CITC champ, Soto is another fighter on the fast track to big things.
  • Joe Abouata - the first guy to beat Carlton Haselrig, Abouata is a BCX champ and a top heavyweight in New Jersey.