Friday, January 14, 2011

UFC/Madison Square Garden Presser Postscript

  • I spoke with Dana White afterwards and asked how long the lag time would be between New York State lifting the ban and the UFC coming to town.  He drew a comparison with Toronto (UFC 129 in April) and said they’d be putting on the show as fast as possible.
  • On where that first UFC show would be, he was unequivocal: Madison Square Garden.
  • Would it be a big pay-per-view affair or a little Fight Night offering?  Without question, a monster pay-per-view.
  • An older female video reporter for the New York Post asked Dana White how the UFC planned on regulating mixed martial arts since they introduced kicking and punching to the sport.  I think even the New York Post’s regular beat reporter laughed at her.
  • Frankie Edgar’s face still bears the marks from his war with Gray Maynard.
  • Props to the Fight Nerd, who was smooth in squeezing a UFC 128 press credential out of White.  Dreams do come true.
  • There was a lot of optimism in the room about an MMA bill passing this year, but there were also some members of Team Cautious present and few representatives of Team No Friggin’ Way.  Really, it all depends on who within the state government you ask.  At this stage, I prefer consulting gypsies and seers.  At least then I can blame myself for being wrong.