Monday, June 30, 2008

ROC 20 Notes

Friday's Ring of Combat 20 did not feature Team Tiger Schulmann star Lyman Good wrecking opponent John Howard as promised (Howard apparently self-wrecked days before and couldn't compete). But despite this match-up getting scrubbed there were still two other marquee bouts atop a stacked card of locals. Some notes: -Vasilica Goian vs. Joey Camacho- It was Romanian national wrestling champ against Division 1 wrestler, and Camacho was getting the better of the switches and scrambles. Unfortunately, Goian did a great job tying him up when on the bottom. The split decision could've gone either way. -Dom Stanco- For Godsakes people, don't stand and trade with this guy. He. Will. Kill. You. -Ryan LaFlare, Eddie Fyvie and Costas Phillippou- Very, very bad dudes. -Nick Catone- Tough and skilled, but he still needs to be tested. -Tom Gallicchio vs. Doug Gordon- Two very talented fighters, with Gallicchio's dominant performance stealing the show. I want to see Gallicchio in EliteXC or in a WEC. I could see him ground-and-pounding the holy hell out of Carlos Condit for the WEC belt.

MFC Promoter Mark Pavelich Wants His Dignity Back

It's always amusing to watch a promoter lose his head. Case in point: the Mark Pavelich/Drew Fickett conflagration, which erupted this weekend when the Maximum Fighting Championship promoter blasted Fickett for even considering taking a Strikeforce fight five weeks before the UFC veteran's scheduled MFC bout. Would Fickett have been in breach of his MFC contract if he'd accepted the Strikeforce bout? Did the contract stipulate a five-week pre-fight prohibition? Who cares! Pavelich - who's been accused of douchebaggery in the past - went ballistic, and Fickett aired all the dirty laundry, including a purported Pavelich voicemail, online. Isn't the Internet great?