Sunday, June 10, 2012

Observations from My Couch: UFC on FX "Johnson vs. McCall"

  • Matt Grice must be rich, because he sure as hell threw away what could've been a for-sure Fight of the Night bonus by laying on Leonard Garcia for three rounds.
  • Having God as an official sponsor is really starting to seem like an unfair advantage for Dustin Pague.
  • Do you think Justin Salas would've stayed in bed on Friday if he knew that getting up and going work that day meant being punched retarded?
  • Congrats to Seth Baczynski, Lance Benoist, Mike Pierce and Carlos Eduardo Rocha.  You guys fought so crappy that it made me question why I ever ordered FuelTV.
  • I don't know where that version of Eddie Wineland came from, but I wager there's an alternate universe somewhere that has its Eddie Wineland-UFC champ suddenly sucking.
  • Mike Pyle HAD to get a knockout in that fight.  Otherwise, that mullet would've gone to complete waste.
  • The best part of Erick Silva's victory was Wallid Ismael taking the microphone and unleashing just the tiniest bit of crazy onto it.  I want to see Silva fight some more simply because I want more of Ismael talking.
  • Good win for Demetrious Johnson, but I don't see him defeating Joseph Benavidez.  Yes, speed kills, but even the quickest, deadliest wasp can fall prey to the most pedestrian of fly swatters.