Monday, April 14, 2014

Flashback: Underground Combat League - 1.29.13


For almost 10 years, the only option New York City MMA fans had for catching live fights locally was a little semi-secret organization called the Underground Combat League. Yes, some of the fighters sucked, there were zero safety precautions taken, and the venues were straight out of the movie Fight Club, but there's an undeniable charm to see clandestine fistfights, and in that regard, the UCL was - and still is - king.

There's an MMA Show in Brooklyn on Saturday - You Going?


There's an MMA/Muay Thai show in Brooklyn on Saturday called Take It To The Top 3, and sadly, because it's the same night as the Cage Fury Fighting Championship event in Morristown, N.J., I'm going to miss it. But I found this video preview for their second event (which I missed because for some reason these shows are closely-guarded secrets or something), and after watching the vid, I feel like I know what's in store for those who show up.