Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Din X to Win By Any Means Necessary

Brothers and sisters, when top-ranked UFC lightweight Din Thomas, a.k.a. Din X, takes on Kenny "White Devil" Florian at tonight's UFC Fight Night, you can expect two things: Din X will free himself from the shackles of the White Devil's oppressive jiu-jitsu game, and Din X will win by any means necessary. For Din X fears not the lashes of any man's Muay Thai elbows, and in orchestrating this bout, Dana Shabazz and the prophet Elijah Silva have given the Nation of ATT warrior a chance to show the world that fighting is about more than just 40 acres (with a win bonus of a mule). No, brothers and sisters, it's about pride. As a cloud of confusion hangs over the 155-pound class thanks to Sean "the Man" Sherk's NSAC troubles, and as BJ Penn is in need of an opponent for UFC 78, Din X's time is now. Brother and sisters, his time is now!