Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Observations from My Couch: UFC on Fuel TV 3 - "When Zombies Attack"

-Alex Soto's performance has me convinced that being one of the guys fighting on the first Facebook-broadcast fight of a long night of UFC fights requires not skill or ability, but perhaps just a lot of Facebook "likes".  Seriously, that kid did not belong in there.

-Jeff Curran should have started eye-gouging a lot earlier.  It was his most effective technique.

-Congrats Kamal Shalorus!  Your long and prosperous career in Bellator/Strikeforce/Legacy Fighting Championship/Rage in the Cage awaits!

-I'm not 100% sure, but I think Carlo Prater really identifies with his Brazilian heritage.

-Is it me or does Cody McKenzie look exactly like one of the Three Musketeers? 

-If Dongi Yang was robbed, it was by himself.  Dude needs to work on his cardio, as he could have taken Brad Tavares to school.

-Someone please make Jason MacDonald stop.  He's reaching Chuck Liddell-levels of effectiveness in the cage - and I'm talking Liddell circa his fight with Rich Franklin.

-If Fabio Maldonado had just slightly better takedown defense he would've won that decision.

-Re: Jeff Hougland, see Alex Soto above. 

-Don Cerrone is the man.  Jeremy Stephens is clearly the man the man beats on to look good.

-I'm very confident we haven't seen the best of Amir Sadollah yet.  Also, I'm very confident we never will.

-Dustin Poirier has absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.  It takes two fighters to make an awesome fight, and that fight was awesome and then some.  Kid will be back.

-The Korean Zombie rules.  That's all I have to say on the matter.