Monday, July 6, 2009

Destitute WEC Champs to Borrow Money from Bellator FC Champs to Pay Rent

WEC champs Mike Brown and Miguel Torres, as well as former featherweight champ and poster boy Urijah Faber, have announced their intention to borrow money from Bellator Fighting Championship title-holders Joe Soto, Eddie Alvarez, Lyman Good and Hector Lombard, with the cash being used for rent, food and to purchase items like clothes and toothpaste. The move comes as no surprise to those aware of the pay disparity between WEC champs and Bellator champs. For winning three bouts in their respective weight class tournaments, Soto, Alvarez, Good and Lombard each earned $175,000; for their efforts in the Zuffa-owned WEC, Brown, Torres and Faber were paid a can of baked beans, a torn sweater and a half-used pack of Camel-brand cigarettes (non-filtered). "Really, what can you do?" said Brown from a cardboard box beneath the I-95 overpass in Miami, where he spends most of his time talking to imaginary friends and sipping Boone's Farm. "We bust our asses for a top-level promotion and make peanuts. Those Bellator guys? They're making bank!" Added Torres from his spot around a flaming garbage can in an abandoned lot in Chicago's South Side, skewered rat in hand: "My mullet's gotta eat."