Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blogger Sells Book; A Nation Exhales

Yours truly has just sold a book.  Kensington is the publisher, Dispatches from the Underground is the title, and the contract describes it as "a non-fiction insider account of the underground mixed martial arts scene and the Underground Combat League: roving gatherings of fighters in gyms and basements for impromptu combat with virtually no rules, no money and only pride and a love of the sport to spur them on."  There's a good bit about the New Jersey sanctioned MMA scene in there, too, so don't think it's all just about the time Shawn Obasi killed that representative from the Chinatown Triads or when Richie Torres fought a pitbull in the ring.  As the publishing process takes about a year, you will have plenty of time to save up your allowance to buy a copy.