Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Viginia Commission Considering Special Rules for Easton/Ferguson Bout

The Virginia Boxing and Wrestling Commission, bowing to pressure from local "right to life" activists, is considering allowing special rules for Saturday night's Mike Easton/Josh Ferguson bout - a headlining match-up that will see one of the Washington, DC-area's best mixed martial artists take on an up-and-comer from Kentucky at the Ultimate Warrior Challenge in Fairfax, Virginia. "Due to the nature of the match-up and the comparative abilities of the athletes, we might allow Mr. Ferguson to use a weapon," said Commission Chairman Edward Finberrie. "You know, like a bat or chain, or a plank of wood with a nail in it. Because, really, the Virginia Boxing and Wrestling Commission is all about fairness and, of course, the safety of the fighters." No word yet on what, if any, weapon Ferguson will choose. Also on the card for this UWC: "Capital Punishment" event are TUF vet War Machine, Ron Stallings, Binky Jones and a number of other competitors in no danger of getting killed.