Monday, August 27, 2007

Babalu-San Dishonors Clan; Seppuku Imminent

Great shame and dishonor was brought upon the Sobral house this weekend, as light-heavyweight warrior Renato "Babalu-san" Sobral soundly defeated David Heath at UFC 74 and, despite the referee's admonishings, refused to release the finishing Anaconda choke. Although Heath was only rendered unconscious, and was ultimately unharmed, the code of Bushido demands a strict adherence to the rules of combat - rules which Babalu-san ignored when he dismissed the referee and continued with the hold. Immediately after the incident, Emperor Kizer of the NSAC was said to be "most displeased", and a portion of the offender's purse was withheld pending an inquiry. It is expected that the disgraced Babalu-san will commit seppuku, although there is no word on when the ritual suicide will take place.