Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Northeast Fighter Update - 1.18.2011

Wondering what your favorite local fighter is up to?  Unable to glean any clues from stalking them on Facebook?  Tired of waiting outside their house with a pair of binoculars and a thermos full of sangria?  Well, fear not, because MMA Journalist has done the legwork for you, and compiled this handy-dandy list.

  • Tom Gallicchio – Apparently his issues with M-1 Global have been sorted out, as the welterweight tournament champ is fighting for the organization on March 5 in Moscow.  Watch out for polar bears!
  • Steve DeAngelis – Despite his new role of Chief Diaper Changer, DeAngelis still has MMA on his mind.  Which is good, because he’s fighting for the ROC belt on February 4.  Make him wash his hands before he gets into the cage!
  • Jimbo Hoffman – After a long and impressive turn as an amateur, Hoffman is making the leap to the pro leagues on February 4 as well, taking on Yaser Shaukat at ROC 34.
  • Uriah Hall – With a renewed focus on boxing, Hall returns to action to face ace striker Costa Philippou, also at ROC 34.  It is HIGHLY unlikely either of these guys are going to lay-and-pray in this bout.
  • Jimmie Rivera – The KOTC champ gets to fly out to California to defend his title.  The date is February 3, and the opponent is WHO CARES?  Rivera won the belt!
  • Victor O’Donnell – Hey, remember this guy?  He TKO’d Rafael Sapo for the ROC belt back in 2009 and lost a war trying to fight his way into the TUF house.  Anyway, he’s headlining Cage Fury Fighting Championships on February 5.
  • Mike Geurin – If he didn’t dish it out so well, we’d all assume Geurin has “battered wife syndrome”, ‘cause homeboy takes hella damage whenever he fights yet keeps coming back.  Well, on March 5 he’s coming back, this time to face UFC vet Luigi Fioravanti at Raging Wolf in Upstate New York (you now, on the Seneca Indian Reservation).
  • Plinio Cruz – Newark’s best Brazilian striker is heading to Moscow as well to fight on March 5.  Do you think they make him and Gallicchio share a room?
  • Igor and Gregor Gracie – These guys, who may or may not know something about jiu-jitsu, are facing Carmine Zocchi-trained fighters John Salgado and Jason Lee respectively at the February 12 Strikeforce extravaganza in New Jersey.