Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Affliction Postpones Second Show After Fighters Refuse to Accept T-Shirts as Payment

Affliction's second pay-per-view event, slated for October 11th in Las Vegas and dubbed "Day of Reckoning", has been postponed to January. According to industry insiders, the postponement is a result of the promotion's roster of fighters collectively refusing to be paid in T-shirts, a move which no doubt will have lasting financial repercussions on the fledgling organization. Said Affliction head seamstress Tom Atencio: "I don't understand it. Each of these intricately designed shirts - such as the 100% cotton, red river lava wash 'Sketchbook Reaper' tee and the 100% cotton, black lava wash 'Eagle Shield' tee - accurately portray the rebellious spirit of men today. Fighters like Josh Barnett and Andrei Arlovski should appreciate them more than actual money. Am I right?" The venue for the January event will now be the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

TUF Profile: Phillipe Nover

The eighth season of "The Ultimate Fighter" debuts on SpikeTV on September 17th, and amidst the motley collection of lightweight and light-heavyweight contestants is one fighter East Coasters know well: Phillipe Nover. Yes, the same heavy-handed Nover who first fought at Reality Fighting five years ago, knocking opponents silly when he wasn't submitting them. Yes, the same Nover who hails from Brooklyn, comes to the cage wielding a sword, and who worked as a nurse at Coney Island Hospital whenever he wasn't wrecking people. Normally a welterweight, Nover looks to be cutting down to lightweight for this show - and unlike the inevitable scrubs the producers put into the TUF house like chum dumped into a shark tank, the man definitely belongs there. Watch out for him.