Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Florida State Boxing Commission Atones for Past Sins, Saves Man's Life

They could have just as easily allowed it, and if they had, a man would surely have died. But the Florida State Boxing Commission put their foot down and denied the proposed match-up between Pitbull Jamal Patterson and Silverback Ben Rothwell for the IFL 2007 Finals (scheduled for September 20th in Hollywood, Florida). Thank God. There's no question Patterson is some kind of rabid jiu-jitsu animal. He is, however, a light-heavyweight with just four fights to his record. Rothwell, on the other hand, is... well, let's just say this 32-5 heavyweight knockout artist has "Bad Motherfucker" printed on his leather wallet. I have long held it against the Florida Commission that they'd licensed an incompetent referee like James Warring, and I've always felt they should've shot infamous "promoter" Jamie Levine on sight, but they did right in this instance. Now the question remains: who suggested this bout to the Commission, and why do they want Patterson dead?