Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kyle Maynard Somehow Not Submitted with Armlock or Leglock in MMA Debut

Congenital amputee Kyle Maynard made his MMA debut last night at Auburn Fight Night in Alabama, and while the storied wrestler with no shortage of heart came up short via unanimous decision loss, Maynard earned the moral victory by somehow not getting submitted via armlock or leglock. For three rounds Maynard stalked his foe around the cage, while opponent Yuri Castanov at first looked horrified then seemed mostly perplexed (and for punting Maynard out of the cage like a soccer ball in Round 2, Castanov was docked a point). "Credit to the little guy," said Castanov, a Russian Sambo master, afterwards. "He is very tough." In the end it was Castanov who had his arm raised, but by all accounts Maynard received more than a few standing ovations for his gutsy display.