Monday, June 23, 2014

Republican Assemblyman Thinks MMA Should Be Legalized


Because most of the action - or inaction - in the New York State Assembly in regards to MMA can be credited to the Democratic majority who controls what gets done, we rarely  hear how the Republicans feel about the sport. Well, thanks to an editorial in today's Brighton-Pittsford Post, we learned what Assemblyman Brian Kolb, a Republican, thinks. Said Assemblyman Kolb:

ICYMI, There Was a Sports Law Chat on MMA Last Night


Last night I took part in the Sports Law Chat on Twitter, and though the name is pretty self-explanatory, what made the affair relevant to my field of expertise was the focus: MMA, and especially MMA in New York. Depending on what Twitter app you use, you can see the entire hour-long conversation if you do a search for "#SLChat".

Or you can just read it below. Your choice.

Some More Fights From Saturday's GMMA Card


Yeah, New York took it on the chin at Saturday's Golden MMA Championships. But so what? Our guys fought their asses off, and for that they deserve a ton of credit.

Here are two more bouts from the five-fight card. Watch them, study them, and remember what it looks like to see the away team win... 'cause it ain't ever happening again.