Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More People Watch Stuff On Free TV Than On Premium Channels, According To UFC Press Release

More people watch stuff on free TV than on premium channels, according to a statement released by the UFC. Citing the ratings disparity between last Saturday's SpikeTV re-broadcast of UFC 100 and Showtime's live broadcast of Strikeforce's "Carano vs. Cyborg", which drew 2 million viewers to 526,000 viewers respectively, the statement attempts to imagine some sort of fantasy involving a recycled UFC product being worth more than Strikeforce's fresh, new product. It's a fantasy that ignores the fact that more people have access to SpikeTV (which is usually part of a basic cable TV package) than Showtime (which cable TV providers charge extra for), and hints at both a deep-rooted fear of competition and a low opinion of the media's analytical reasoning skills. Said a spokesman for the UFC, "The UFC is the best. People will watch whatever we put on SpikeTV over anything on Showtime." When asked about what will happen when CBS starts broadcasting Strikeforce events, the spokesman then broke down and wept.