Friday, February 14, 2014

UFC Fight Night 36's Northeast MMA Connection


Not that you would need any convincing, but there's a very good reason to tune in to UFC Fight Night 36 tomorrow night on FOX Sports 1. Sure, Lyoto Machida and Gegard Mousasi are going to throw down, and presumably dance for five rounds or fuck each other up (I'm hoping for the latter). But tucked away earlier in the card, as one half of the first bout on the FOX Sports 1 broadcast, is Charles Oliveira. Yup, the same Charles Oliveira who beat Dom Stanco at ROC 24 to win the lightweight belt.

Small world, huh?

Anyway, here's a video of the UFC Fight Night 36 weigh-ins.

For Your Viewing Pleasure, A New York Fight Exchange 1 Highlight Video


Some organizations get off to a rocky start, some make all the right moves coming out of the gate. New York Fight Exchange, which held their debut event at a nightclub in Jamaica, Queens, in October, did everything right. From solid production value to strong matchmaking to a thrilling main event, the NYFE had it all - which they'll hope to replicate when they return to the Amazura Concert Hall on March 15.

Here's a highlight vid from their last show.

Flashback: Eddie Fyvie vs. Jay Haas at CFFC 24


Everyone gets old, even the 20-something lightweights who show all the promise in the world.

A few years ago, Upstate New York native Eddie Fyvie was a well-rounded, technical fighter who could submit guys just as easily as knock them out, and he was poised to do great things in the Northeast circuit. But injuries and such slowed him down, and adding Father Time to the equation - which makes even the best lose half a step - made chasing that elusive win that much harder.

Anyway, here's his CFFC 24 bout against Jay Haas, which took place on May 11, 2013. Believe me when I say the Fyvie of 2008 would've made for a very different outcome.