Saturday, October 4, 2008

EliteXC "Heat" Liveblog 8

  • Jakes Shields taps out Paul Daley. The entire venue lets out a collective "meh".
  • The Kimbo Slice hype is reaching a fever pitch. People be swooning at his entrance.
  • Seth Petruzelli wrecks Kimbo in 14 seconds. Things have just gotten ugly, with the crowd crying out that this is a travesty. Or something. This is the first time press row has ever been showered with trash.
  • And... I'm spent.

EliteXC "Heat" Liveblog 7

  • The Internet connection in the arena bites the big one.
  • The crowd really loves Gina Carano. She might be ready to move out to a ranch in Texas and start her own cult. Carano's definitely got the followers.
  • Andrei Arlovski also got a lot of love from the crowd. Although someone behind me asked if it was true that he was a werewolf.
  • Roy Nelson fought surprisingly well. NASCAR fans should be very proud.

EliteXC "Heat" Liveblog 6

  • The venue is packed and the crowd is vocal. No one has said "kick his ass, seabass!" yet. But I wait patiently for it.
  • Benji Radach/Murilo Rua was a good one. Radach was all smiles on the way back to the locker room. Rua looked like he'd fallen off the back of a truck doing 70mph on the highway.
  • Stitch, the world famous cut man, is sitting in the audience. I guess if there are fights in the stands, he'll be there to patch people up?
  • Kelly Kobold/Gina Carano is up next. Things are about to get nuts here. I think some dude just threw his underwear into the cage at Carano's introduction.

EliteXC "Heat" Liveblog 5

  • At 8:50 they officially announced that Ken Shamrock is out. His replacement? Seth Petruzelli. The crowd is less than thrilled.
  • The venue is almost packed.
  • Hulk Hogan has arrived with blonds in tow. Tito Ortiz gets his picture taken with Mr. Hogan. However, Hulkamania does not run wild.
  • The big screens are playing Kimbo vs. Tank Abbott. Based on fan reaction here, the outcome is a shock.
  • The EliteXC dancing slizzuts are very slizzutish. Their moms must be so proud.

EliteXC "Heat" Liveblog 4

  • It's 8:15. Edson Berto and Conor Heun had a great fight, with Berto gaining the distinction of being the first fighter of the night to stain the cage canvas with his blood.
  • Berto's corner is concerned that when he goes backstage, Cristiane Cyborg will catch the scent and go into a feeding frenzy.
  • Affliction honcho Tom Atencio is here. Oddly enough, he's not wearing any Affliction apparel.
  • Just kidding. Of course he is.
  • The Kimbo/Shamrock mystery continues. The prelim bout between Seth Petruzelli and Aaron Rosa was skipped, and the prevailing rumors are that both were offered up to Kimbo. Where's that janitor?

EliteXC "Heat" Liveblog 3

  • No one knows what the heck is going on with Kimbo and Shamrock. At this point, they could announce that Kimbo is fighting the janitor (no, not Vladimir Matyushenko - an actual janitor). Who knows.
  • Three prelims are now in the books. The crowd in the arena is getting bigger and bigger. That potato salad is delicious.
  • Sports Illustrated ace reporter Josh Gross has arrived. I believe the SI helicopter dropped him off at the helipad on the roof.
  • At 7:45 there is a lull in the bouts. Tito Ortiz is up and taking pics with fans again. Members of press row may or may not be surfing Internet porn on their laptops.

EliteXC "Heat" Liveblog 2

  • The Ken Shamrock/Kimbo Slice fight is definitely off. Sounds like they're trying to get Kimbo to fight TUF veteran Seth Petruzelli.
  • Tito Ortiz is here, mobbed by fans and taking pics with every single one of them.
  • It's 6:40 and the first of the prelims are about to get underway.
  • Cristiane Cyborg just walked by again, this time holding hands with her husband. Small children weep and tremble with fear.

EliteXC "Heat" Liveblog 1

MMA Journalist is here at the BankAtlantic Center to liveblog EliteXC's "Heat" event. At 6:20 the cage is empty, and fans are trickling in to the arena.
  • Yves Edwards is wandering around, all smiles as usual.
  • Matt Polly, author of "American Shaolin", is here.
  • The food selection in the press room consists of hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken breasts and a decent potato salad.
  • Polly favors a hot dog slathered in mayonnaise.
  • A security guard says there's a rumor going around that Ken Shamrock is injured and that the main event is off. No one is able to confirm or deny this rumor.
  • Cristiane Cyborg is strolling around the arena - very friendly and approachable. The blood covering her shirt seems human in origin, but she insists it's from a deer that wandered into the Chute Boxe locker room.