Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Aggressive Combat Championships 9 Primer: Watch Out for Pedro Villa


Once upon a time, if you lived in New York City and had an interest in learning grappling, you either went to Renzo Gracie's academy, dropped by one of the budding boutique jiu-jitsu schools that were sprouting up here and there, or just went to Oishi Judo's open mat night. That was it, and "it" was expensive. But with time there came to be another, less costly option, and it involved shelling out $25 for a year-long New York City Department of Parks & Recreation membership, going to the Hamilton Fish Recreation Center on the Lower East Side, and helping unfurl the mats for Tuesday/Thursday meetings of the Twin Towers Wrestling Club.

Wrestling was, of course, the focus of the club. However, some of the members did work on submissions, and now, with years of training and competition under their belts (plus the infusion of some high-level instruction), they Twin Towers Wrestling Club has some serious badasses.