Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The American Fight League is a Lie

It's time to face the truth, folks: the American Fight League, which made headlines a few months back for signing top female fighter Tara LaRosa, Bobby Lashley of the WWE, Elvis and a unicorn, is a lie. A big, fat lie. Their promised pay-per-view event has yet to materialize, and today it's being reported that the rematch between LaRosa and Roxanne Modaferri, which was slated for the November 8th Ironheart Crown show and to be paid for by the AFL (think: the lone Affliction bout on the last EliteXC card), is now kaput due to lack of funding. Listen, I enjoy a good pipe dream as much as the next guy, but when you promise fighters - and fans - the world, you should at least give them a continent or decent-sized island. The AFL, however, has given us nothing. Nothing! At least YAMMA Pit Fighting had a show and some T-shirts.

Thiago Alves to Face Opponent of Indeterminate Ethnic Origin

Things suddenly got more complicated for Thiago Alves. Originally scheduled to face Diego Sanchez at UFC 90 on October 25th, the American Top Team star welterweight will now square off against Josh Koscheck thanks to a rib injury Sanchez sustained in training - a last-minute change that definitely throws a monkey wrench in the works for the ATT fighter. "We trained to face a Mexican," says coach Ricardo Liborio. "But now... now what do we train for? A white guy? A black guy? This man is like 'Gonzo' from the Muppets. No one knows what he is!"