Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Night Fights Primer: Another Video, This One Featuring Ladies


FNF is tonight, and continuing in their efforts to drum up interest, the promotion has released yet another video of a bout from a past show. Now, I'm not entirely sure if these ladies are actually fighting on tonight's card, but hey, so what? It's still Muay Thai.

Some Aljamain Sterling Fights to Whet Your Appetite


UFC Fight Night 45: Cowboy vs. Miller will make Atlantic City, N.J. interesting this coming Wednesday, with the eponymous bout of Donald Cerrone and Jim Miller pretty much guaranteeing fireworks. But there are some sparks waiting to fly on the undercard, and you can credit a lot of them to the capable hands of Northeast MMA star Aljamain Sterling.

In case you've forgotten Sterling's level of badassery when he was a regional fighter, here's a little reminder.

Aggressive Combat Championship 7 Primer: A Manup Standup Champ vs. Team Tiger Schulmann


Saturday night's Aggressive Combat Championship 7 at York College in Queens has a lot to offer in terms of compelling amateur MMA bouts, but there's also an intriguing Muay Thai bout or two lurking on the card - not the least of which is former Manup Standup champ Will Cavali versus Team Tiger Schulmann rep Steve Inoshima.

To fully grasp the potential for excitement in this pairing, watch the following videos. Then we'll be on the same page.