Monday, September 28, 2009

Observations From My Couch: Strikeforce Challengers "Night of the Can"

  • Mismatches, mismatches, mismatches galore!
  • Why was Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier less impressive in his MMA debut than professional wrestler Brock Lesnar was in his?
  • A colonic is a method of colon cleansing involving enemas and bowel irrigation. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  • Zach Light - same great look as a real fighter, but half the the calories.
  • Ray Sefo was getting owned before Kevin Jordan injured his quadriceps. Bummer. Jordan has always seemed like a cool dude.
  • Watching Tim Kennedy destroy Zak Cummings was like watching an M-1 Abrams battle tank roll into Kandahar and crush a slow-moving donkey in its path. In other words, it was ugly.