Friday, March 26, 2010

Liveblog: Tokyo 5/UFC Magazine Party

MMA Journalist is here at Lounge 48 in Midtown Manhattan for the Tokyo 5/UFC Magazine party, which is either a soiree featuring industry insiders, a wretched hive of scum and villainy, or both. Present are UCL promoter Peter Storm, Chewbacca, Phillipe Nover, Iron Ring vet Daniel Akyemi and Greedo, among others.


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Predictions for UFC 111 "Ultimate Brit Not Ready"

UFC 111 is in Newark this weekend, and the headlining bout is a welterweight championship contest between Georges St. Pierre and some Brit who is not ready.  Seriously, Dan Hardy is not ready.  How not ready is he?  Hardy is so not ready, he showed up at Matt Serra’s gym last week to learn about “this whole jiu-jitsu thing I been hearing so much about.”  He’s so not ready, Las Vegas sportbooks are already laying down odds that St. Pierre will defeat Anderson Silva.  He’s so not ready, right this very minute Joe Rogan is standing in the Octagon in a darkened Prudential Center practicing the post-fight questions he’s going to ask the St. Pierre.  And St. Pierre is standing there with him, practicing his English.  So... predictions!

    • Props to Ben Saunders for stepping up to face Jon Fitch at the last minute.  Also, props to him for not caring about dying.
    • Kurt Pellegrino via super-cool Batman utility belt, which includes a Batarang, a grappling hook and a can of shark repellant.
    • Jim Miller is going to beat Mark Bocek so bad, the Canadian Mounties aren’t going to allow Bocek back across the border.
    • Nate Diaz and Ricardo Almeida are going to defeat Rory Markham and Matt Brown with submissions.  Or they won’t.  I don’t know.
    • Wouldn’t it be funny if Shane Carwin knocked out Frank Mir?
    • Did I mention Dan Hardy isn’t ready?