Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Five Reasons to Be Excited for ROC 37

The August lull is upon us, and lo!  What looms around autumn’s corner but Ring of Combat 37!  ROC 37, with its fairest of fisticuffs and promised vistas of violence, gracing the hallowed halls of the Tropicana in Atlantic City and bearing upon its shoulders the anticipated satisfaction of the release of a summer’s pent-up aggression.  It is not for the faint of temperament and weak of constitution, mind you; but for those keen on witnessing rapier-sharp skill in action plus a willy-nilly donnybrook, it soothes better than any salve.  Behold!  For the unconvinced, five very good reasons to be excited for ROC 37:

  • Deividas Taurosevicius – Tougher than a two-dollar steak and twice as flavorful, this Lithuanian has employed enough jiu-jitsu in his life to carry him into successful turns in the IFL and the WEC.  Somehow, after years of fighting in Northeast promotions (Reality Fighting, Cage Fury Fighting Championship, Sportfighting), Taurosevicius has managed to never have fought in ROC, so BOOM, here we go.
  • Tom DeBlass – A steady climb up the light-heavyweight ranks has DeBlass vying for the ROC 205-pound belt on September 9, and from what we’ve seen from him thus far, the Ricardo Almeida-trained jiu-jitsu stud can entertain on the feet (by banging it out) or entertain on the ground (with a smooth sub). 
  • Gabriel Miglioli – Seemingly from out of nowhere Miglioli appeared, and with one fight – an utter slobber knocker he just barely lost via decision to the fearsome Al Iaquinta – he’s established himself as a stone-cold killer among mere muggers.  ROC 37 will see Miglioli and Iaquinta rematch, so hold on to your TapouT hats.
  • Munah Holland – Currently the best female MMA fighter coming out of the New York/New Jersey circuit, Holland can be monster when it comes to slugging it out with opponents.  Will ROC 37 opponent Michelle Ould oblige her and stand and trade?  God, I hope so.
  • Shawn Obasi – Normally, an underground fighter must first fight as a sanctioned amateur before New Jersey will consider them for a pro fighter license, so it’s a testament to Obasi’s combative skill that his first fight outside of the UCL is in Ring of Combat.  Of course, as his opponent will be a Division I wrestler, the “Wing Chun Man” has got a tall order to fill, but I have faith he’ll deliver excitement.