Sunday, June 1, 2008

EliteXC/CBS "Saturday Night Fights" Media Meal a Disgrace; Show Pretty Damn Good Though

The EliteXC/CBS "Saturday Night Fights" event, which played out before a live audience of 8,033 and was broadcast on CBS, featured a media meal of hot dogs, oversized cookies of varying types, and large bowls of kettle-cooked potato chips - a disgraceful selection and an abomination to the world of free food. Yes, there was a fully-stocked refrigerator with cans of soda and bottles of water, all of which was well-chilled, but it did little to offset the bad taste left in the mouths of those forced to dine on frankfurters mired in sauerkraut. To add insult to injury, the production crew's buffet was opulent with chicken breasts and vegetables and assorted desserts of the fruit tart, eclair and napolean variety. Does EliteXC think so little of the freeloading media? Is this how they hedge their bets against possible bad reviews? I sincerely hope not. In other news, the rest of the EliteXC/CBS event - from the fights on down to production - was pretty damn good. Stellar, in fact.