Monday, July 5, 2010

Observations from My Couch: UFC 116 "Ultimate Brock Can Take It as Well as Dish It Out"

    • Ricardo Romero looked flat and nothing like his usual self, and yet he still damn near ripped off Seth Petruzelli’s arm en route to victory.  Think about that one.
    • I’m fine with never having to see Chris Tuchscherer fight again.
    • Brendan Schaub has promise.  That’s for sure.
    • Dave Branch is a beast, but alas, Gerald Harris is beastier.
    • George Sotiropoulos may have defeated Kurt Pellegrino, but he’s going to get killed by BJ Penn, picked apart by Frankie Edgar, crushed by Kenny Florian and dry-humped to death by Gray Maynard.
    • Congrats to Stephan Bonnar for fighting his heart out and getting the “W” – even if it was against a B-level fighter.
    • Tough break for Chris Lytle.  He employed some sweet jiu-jitsu for the tap out, and yet some big galoot in the main event steals his Submission of the Night bonus.
    • Chris Leben is pure fun.  Glad he pulled off two wins in two weeks and racked up a few hundred grand in bonus money.  If anybody deserves an expensive vacation, it’s definitely him.
    • I never thought I’d say this, but I am now impressed with Brock Lesnar.  The dude paid zero dues in the cage to become champ, and yet when Shane Carwin had him on the ropes, he did what true champs do – rallied – and kicked ass.  He’s definitely a worthy possessor of the belt.