Monday, September 17, 2007

Gina Carano Good Enough to Defeat Top Female Fighters

Based on the crisp stand-up and stellar submission skills we've seen from her thus far, EliteXC star Gina Carano has proven that she's good enough to defeat top fighters such as BodogFIGHT champ Tara LaRosa, Laura D'Auguste, Amanda Buckner, Carina Damm, and Kelly Kobold (if, by "defeat", you mean "get her ass royally kicked by"). Who in the ever-increasing female MMA talent pool can withstand Carano's deadly offense (if, by "deadly", you mean "laughable")? Who can penetrate her rock-solid defense (if, by "rock-solid", you mean "paltry")? Who should she face next? Only time will tell. But you can rest assured: EliteXC will test her (if, by "test", you mean "feed her a tomato can").

Rhino Fight Team Most Chillaxin Team on East Coast

The Rhino Fight Team, which came away with four championship titles at this weekend's Battle Cage Xtreme II in Atlantic City, has proven to be one of the most dominant and "chillaxin" teams on the East Coast. When asked to comment about his team's top-level chillaxin-ness, submission stud Kevin Roddy, who scored a championship belt after his 54-second armbar victory over Cory LaPlant, replied, "Dude." "Dude," said Tom Gallicchio, who smoked Brian DeMuro to get a welterweight belt for himself. Added Steve D'Angelis, who took home featherweight honors after laying opponent Matt Zaccaria on the mat, picking out all the seeds and stems, and rolling him tightly before lighting him up: "Dude." From exciting UFC 155-pounder Frankie Edgar to crushing heavyweight Carlos Moreno, the New Jersey-based team has long been considered a force - and with their talent pool, work ethic and ability to just chill, they're likely to remain a force for a long time to come.