Monday, April 2, 2012

Aggressive Combat Championships Postscript

Small local shows are fun because they're intimate and, often, you never know what you're going to get. Saturday night's Aggressive Combat Championships on Long Island gave us a bit of everything. From boxing to Muay Thai to submission grappling to something called "combat sport jiu-jitsu", the event had it all, and there was just the right amount of fresh talent mixed in with veterans to make it interesting. Highlights of the night included:

-RAW COMBAT star James Funaro TKOing some dude named Joey in a boxing match. James' bout was the first fight of the night - why? Because he had to race off to tend bar at some nearby dive (his words, not mine).

-TSMMA rep Damien Baily's shellacking of Anthony Curanaj. Curanaj had heart and did his best to hang in there, but Baily just outclassed him when it came to footwork, head-movement and technique.

-Phil Dunlap's ASF team, who pretty much kicked ass whenever one of them climbed into the ring.

-EDGE Hoboken's Gerald Javier, who got the TKO win over a tough and experienced UCL vet Doug Ahammer.