Friday, January 9, 2009

The Best Female Fighter in the World Capable of Making Weight Returns

The best female fighter in the world capable of making a contracted weight, a.k.a. Tara LaRosa, returns to action on January 23rd at Extreme Challenge: "War at the Shore". Her opponent will be Alexis Davis, an overmatched chick from Who Cares, Idaho. Known for a well-rounded skill set and having extensive experience, LaRosa was BodogFIGHT's 135-pound champ when that organization crapped the bed, and although she hasn't fought in over a year, LaRosa is still widely believed to be at the top of the food chain in women's MMA (despite possessing a fraction of the notoriety held by the zoftig and rubenesque Gina Carano). Expect the Fight Factory warrior to trounce Davis, sending her back to her job as a hostess at Denny's in defeat.

Quinton Jackson Pleads Guilty to "Driving While a Minority"; Will Receive Nightstick Beating at Later Date

Former UFC light-heavyweight champ Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, who in July led police in Costa Mesa on a wild, high-speed chase in a vehicle bearing his likeness, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of "driving while a minority" yesterday - a lesser charge than the felony "evading" and "reckless driving" offenses he was originally charged with. It is believed that, in agreeing to the plea bargain, Jackson will ultimately avoid extensive jail time. He will be sentenced at a later date. In California, the crime of driving while a minority usually results in a beating with a nightstick, although some offenders have been handcuffed and shot in the back.