Thursday, September 6, 2007

From the Mailbag: "Your blog sux!!! LOL1!!!"

"Yo, hook me up with a fite bro. I m 230-0 on da streeet with some boxing and grapplin I seen UFCs and could kick Chuck Leddles AZZ!!! wurse then that Rampage cat. I talked to Dana Wite he siad I was too good for Ultimate Fiter show, gess he scarred I will kill some one cuz I m too REALL!! PS. Your blog sux!!! LOL1!!!" - NJBouncer23

Thanks for the kind words, NJBouncer23. If you're looking to compete, promoter Ed Hsu will have an Extreme Challenge Trials amateur MMA event on September 15th at the Rahway Recreational Center, while Carl Mascarenhas will have a New Breed Fighters amateur MMA event at the House of Blues in Atlantic City on September 28th. Also, Kipp Kollar has begun having amateur bouts at his Reality Fighting events, although there's no word yet on his next New Jersey show.

Observations from My Couch: WEC 30

-Great jiu-jitsu is a beautiful and inspiring thing to behold. It’s also not enough to win you a WEC Bantamweight Championship belt when Chase Beebe is your opponent.

-Brian Stann is a real American hero, and should have a GI Joe action figure modeled after him. His action figure counterpart in the Cobra organization would be a villain named “Tomato Can”.

-WEC Lightweight Champ Rob McCullough is exciting, dangerous, and one of the best 155-pounders not good enough for the UFC.