Friday, February 15, 2008

The Truth Comes Out: Mark Cuban is the Other Woman

Mark Cuban's HDNet Fights filed suit against Zuffa in a Texas court this week, a move that reveals Cuban as the "other woman" in the bitter divorce between Zuffa and Randy Couture. Okay, not really. There's no evidence to suggest HDNet Fights has tried to bed Couture while the legendary champ is under contractual lockdown with his UFC masters. But the suit, which asks the court to render a declaratory judgment on the merits of the promotional contract between Zuffa and Couture (the suit Zuffa filed against Couture only focuses on the employment contract and avoids the promotional contract issue), is a pretty good indicator of where Cuban is coming from and what he's trying to do. How so? Well, clue number one is Cuban's standing for the lawsuit (i.e., his right to sue), while clue number two comes from his comments in interviews regarding the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act and whether its protections for boxers should apply to mixed martial artists. Cuban is a promoter who wants fighters, and he wants to test the chains binding some of the sport's top talent. MMA Journalist would have to read a copy of the Cuban's complaint to give a more detailed assessment, but from a distance, this is one is a no-brainer: Cuban wants to reshape the UFC-dominated market, and he's not afraid to use the courts to do it.

Kimbo/Tank Duel Set for Dawn on Saturday; Pistols Optional

Gentlemens Kimbo Slice and David "Tank" Abbott have finally agreed upon their terms and are now set to duel at dawn this coming Saturday, with pistols at 20 paces a possibility but fisticuffs the most likely method. The duel is a result of Mister Tank's confronting of Mister Slice following Mister Slice's victory at CFFC 5 last year. At that time, Mister Tank removed his gloves and threw them down, demanding satisfaction from some perceived offense, though it is unclear just what that offense was. It is expected that Mister Slice will be seconded by Sir Bas Rutten. The field of honor will be the Bank United Center in Miami, Florida, though curious bystanders may tune in to the broadcast on Showtime's EliteXC programme.