Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 31st EliteXC to be Most Awesomest Show Ever

With heavy hitters Kimbo Slice, Robbie Lawler, Scott Smith, Phil Baroni, Joey Villasenor, Brett Rogers and Jon Murphy on the card, EliteXC is pulling out all the stops for their May 31st show - and rightly so, as the event will air live on CBS. But fans who forego the network TV extravaganza and instead make the trek to Newark, New Jersey to see it all in person will be treated to an undercard full of some serious talent. Carlton Haselrig, the ex-NFL player who just steamrolled over IFL veteran Shane Ott, will be taking on IFL veteran Bryan Vetell. Does that do anything for you? What about Nick Serra - the "Mad Monkey" of jiu-jitsu - taking on up-and-comer Matt Makowski? How does that make you feel? In a pair of guaranteed fast-paced fisticuffs, featherweight Brazilians Andre Soares and Wilson Reis will face Zach Makovsky and Justin Robbins, respectively. Even perennial local star Chris Liguori is stepping into the cage, taking on grappling stalwart Jim Bova. "Saturday Night Fights" is shaping up to be the most awesomest show ever, and it's enough to make a true MMA fan weep with joy.