Thursday, July 30, 2009

UFC Partially Leaks Terms Offered To Fedor, Neglects To Mention Fine Print

Yesterday's Fedor Emelianenko press conference failed to deliver any great revelations other than that he will be starring in a Russian version of the video game "Pong", but the media-manipulating machine that is the UFC was quick to leak to Carmichael Dave of "The UFC Shill" radio show the "very generous offer" they'd presented to the free-spirited heavyweight. Those terms included a six-fight deal/$30 million contract, an immediate title shot, a share of the pay-per-view sales, the right to wear as many "M-1 Global" logos as he wants, and permission for Fedor to compete in his beloved art of combat sambo. What the UFC did not leak, however, was the fine print contained within the contract - clauses which no doubt factored into Fedor and his management team's reluctance to sign on the dotted line. Thankfully, MMA Journalist has obtained a copy of that contract through anonymous sources, so here is the crux of the "fine print":
  • If Fedor loses at any time during his six-fight contract, he can be released from the UFC's roster at the sole discretion of the UFC.
  • Fedor must sign over all rights to his likeness to the UFC, who will hold those rights forever.
  • Fedor must sign over all rights to his children and grandchildren to the UFC, who will hold these right forever or until they sell them off.
  • If Fedor defeats UFC champ Brock Lesnar and the Russian has only one more fight on his contract, Fedor must lose to Lesnar in that last fight.
  • Fedor must live in the TUF house. With no translator. Also, he can't compete while living there, but must instead clean the house and perform menial chores.
  • Win or lose, at the end of every bout Fedor must declare to Joe Rogan, "Russia sucks - Dana White the best."
  • Fedor must never, ever even think about making money for anyone other than the UFC.