Thursday, March 6, 2008

Predictions for Ring of Combat 18

With one of the strongest Northeast fight cards ever assembled, the Ring of Combat 18 event tomorrow night promises a ton of action and thrills. Who will come out on top in the battle for the ROC lightweight belt? Which fighter will snag themselves the USKBA middleweight title? MMA Journalist has taken a close look at the roster and compiled the following predictions (which you can take to the bank!): -Chris Liguori vs. Jim Miller- In this rematch of their hotly-contested ROC 17 bout, someone is going to use grappling to their advantage. Believe it. -Tom Gallicchio vs. Igor Gracie- In this bout between a wrestler and a jiu-jitsu specialist, there will be clinching. At some point. Maybe. -Mike Guerin vs. Dan Miller- Watch for the takedown attempt. It could be a single-leg, it could be a double-leg, it could be an ankle pick. But it will be attempted by someone. -Jose Rodriguez vs. John Howard- Punching. Lots of it. -Alexis Aquino vs. Lyman Good- The ref is going to play an important role in this one. He'll either stop the fight because a fighter is unconscious, tapping out, taking too much punishment, or if it goes to the judges' scorecards, he's going to raise the arm of the winner. Definitely. -Nick Catone vs. Lance Everson- Since a 185-pound belt is on the line, either Catone or Everson is going to be sporting some shiny new hardware before the evening is done. No doubt about it!