Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Referee Dan Miragliotta Under Fire for Role in Baby Fighting Ring

New Jersey referee Dan Miragliotta, the third man in the cage for the Kimbo Slice/James Thompson fight on CBS and a veteran official for UFCs, IFLs and a multitude of Garden State events, came under fire this weekend when it was revealed that he played a role in an underground baby fighting ring recently uncovered by police. Unlicensed baby fighting, in which two children below the age of 2 are pitted against each other in a crib or playpen while adults wager on the outcome, is a growing problem in daycare centers across the country, and authorities have been quick to prosecute all those involved. According to preliminary reports, Miragliotta oversaw dozens of bouts and specialized in the heavier "toddler weight class". The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, which employs Miragliotta for adult MMA events, declined to comment.