Friday, May 16, 2014

Ring of Combat 48: Liveblog Part 3


Next bout is a flyweight title fight.

Matt Rizzo vs. Jimmy Grant

Round 1: Sporting a decent height and reach advantage, Rizzo's strategy is clear: pick Grant off from a distance. Grant counters with a takedown, the scramble furiously, and Grant ends up first with a guillotine attempt and then is in Rizzo's guard. Rizzo gets back to his feet, steps in to do something, and BAM! Grant blasts him with an uppercut that has the taller guy KO'd. That's all she wrote. Grant is now the flyweight champ.

Ring of Combat 48: Liveblog Part 2


Next bout:

Michael Elshamy vs. Zed Mitchell

Elshamy's got Matt Serra in his corner, so maybe that means he knows something about grappling.

Ring of Combat 48: Liveblog Part 1


Welcome to the ROC 48 liveblog, which I'm doing from the comfort of my home office thanks to GoFightLive and it's absolutely perfect stream. Since I'm not cageside for this one, I won't be able to tell you which fighter freaked out and trashed the locker room after his loss, and which section of the audience threw a hissy fit because their hero got crushed. But I can - and will - describe the fights. So giddyup!

Check Out These Photos From Victory 5


Once upon a time there was maybe one photographer shooting New York MMA shows. Of course, back then there was only the Underground Combat League churning out fights, and that lone photog was Anil Melwani (whose web gallery is down for some reason). But nowadays there are tons of shows, and at each, a variety of lenses aimed at the action.

Here's Jacob Klensin's collection from the last Victory show. Check it out.

Ring of Combat 48 Tonight on GoFightLive


Ring of Combat 48 is tonight in Atlantic City, N.J., and with it will come all the usual thrills top-notch local fights bring. But if you're like me, and not keen on trekking to South Jersey, there is another option to take in the action: GoFightLive.

Go here to order the online pay-per-view, which is $16.99 and starts at 8:30ish (I say "ish" because one of the fights on the card got scrapped, so the start time might be pushed back a little).

Watch Rival New York Promoters Break Bread on This Week's East Coast MMA Show


It's a beautiful thing when rival promoters can set aside their differences and talk shop - which is exactly what happened on this week's installment of the East Coast MMA Show. With host Tom Kilkenny of Aggressive Combat Championship behind the wheel, and guests Tom Sconzo of New York Fight Exchange and Jerome Mickle - NYFE's reigning welterweight champ - in the passenger seat, listeners are taken along for a ride that's both educational and entertaining.

Topics touched upon include, well, pretty much everything to do with the New York MMA scene. Definitely check it out.