Monday, October 6, 2008

The Reason Kimbo Took That Fight? Bread, Of Course

Hindsight may be 20/20, but no amount of retrospective analysis can answer everything. On Saturday night, when Ken Shamrock let officials know he was unable to compete, EliteXC superstar Kimbo Slice was offered Seth Petruzelli as a last-minute replacement opponent. Why did Kimbo take that fight against Petruzelli? MMA Journalist, in an exclusive interview with an EliteXC executive who asked to remain anonymous, has learned that, for his participation in the cobbled-together main event that he ultimately lost, the YouTube legend was promised a lot of bread. Specifically, he was promised his very own bakery. Apparently, the prospect of a lifetime supply of bagels and dinner rolls, as well as loaves of rye, wheat, white, challah and cinnamon swirl bread, was enough to sway him. Did Kimbo make the right choice? Only he can answer that, but when MMA Journalist attempted to contact him for comment, the man who lost on network television was too busy rolling in dough to respond.

There May or May Not Have Been a Strikeforce Show This Past Weekend - I'm Not Sure

There may or may not have been a Strikeforce show this weekend. Possibly in Denver, Colorado. Maybe someone named Duane "Bang" Ludwig fought, maybe Frank Trigg. I don't know. Kimbo Slice wasn't on the card, so this event - if it happened - got zero love from the MMA media. If anyone knows for sure, please let MMA Journalist know.