Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MMA In New York Update

Ah, sanctioned MMA in New York... you continue to elude us, like a sprite dancing coyly in the forest, or, probably more aptly, like a prom queen who's unwittingly eated her third roofie but still will not fall. But regardless of our progress (or lack thereof) towards that luscious endgame of UFC's at Madison Square Garden and Ring of Combats at the Brooklyn Armory, stuff is still happening. You know, like this stuff:

-Vocal MMA opponent Bob Reilly steps down from the Assembly. Link here: http://blog.timesunion.com/capitol/archives/120274/assemblyman-reilly-stepping-down-backs-frazier/. Of course, Reilly wasn't the only thing standing in the way of MMA bills getting through the Assembly, but him bailing is at least something worth celebrating. And by "celebrating", I definitely mean "RELEASE THE KRAKEN ON HIS HOUSE!"

-Hey, here's Pete Lampasona giving us an update on the half of the New York State legislature that actually like MMA, and how it's included MMA in its budget proposal. Linky: http://www.thefightnerd.com/new-york-senate-includes-mma-bill-in-budget-report/. Pete's a good guy. I don't approve of his hairstyle sometimes, but that could just be me being jealous of his luxurious brown locks.

-This one isn't about MMA as much as it's about Madison Square Garden hosting a massive Muay Thai event on Friday night, but again, maybe I'm just jealous because Muay Thai got in there before MMA could. No, wait, I'm absolutely jealous. Anyway, TakeOn Productions, "Muay Thai at the Mecca", Friday night. I'll be there tweeting results (www.twitter.com/jim_genia) and posting stuff on this blog.