Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feared Bounty Hunter Tom Gallicchio to Add Judoka Pelt to His Grim Collection

Garden State welterweight stud and feared bounty hunter Tom Gallicchio is traveling north this weekend, venturing into Massachusetts to face highly-credentialed judoka Rick Hawn at World Championship Fighting 9.  Consequently, it is widely expected that “Da Tank,” a.k.a. “The Wanderer,” a.k.a. “Boba Freakin’ Fett” will be adding another pelt to his grim collection.  With solid wrestling, a strong submission game and over 15 bouts to his name, including convincing wins over the likes of Doug Gordon and Igor Gracie, Gallicchio has long been considered one of the most dangerous 170-pound fighters in the Northeast.  Though Hawn sports an impressive judo resume that includes four national titles and a 2004 Olympic bid, his brand of pajama fighting will avail him naught when Gallicchio goes all “frozen in Carbonite” on his ass.  Watch for the wall at Pellegrino MMA in Belmar to be adorned with Hawn’s hide after this weekend.