Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Predictions for UFC "Fight for the Troops"

Tonight's UFC "Fight for the Troops" event, intended to raise money for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and broadcast live on SpikeTV from the Crown Coliseum outside of Fort Bragg, features no real big-name fighters. But there are a number of compelling match-ups in store, so MMA Journalist has put together bout predictions for the free event:
  • In the opening bout of the evening, light-heavyweights Duke (from GI Joe) and Destro (from Cobra) will clash in what should be a classic "striker vs. international arms dealer/terrorist" fight. Expect Duke to come out on top after a three-round donnybrook.
  • In the welterweight division, ninjas Snake Eyes (GI Joe) and Storm Shadow (Cobra) - who used to train at the same gym - will battle it out for the honor of their clan. Regardless of what happens in the cage, the ultimate winner in this one is the fans.
  • The UFC's first female MMA bout will feature Scarlett (GI Joe) taking on the Baroness (Cobra), and if Scarlett is allowed to use her crossbow, she should be able to dispatch her opponent via TKO in short order.
  • In the main event, US Marine Corp exponent Gung Ho (GI Joe) will take on Serpentor (Cobra), who is comprised of the DNA of Julius Caeser, Napolean Bonaparte, Attila the Hun and a common garden snake. Gung Ho should have a rough time of it, but Serpentor might get distracted by that massive globe and anchor tattoo on his chest long enough for Gung Ho to pull off a submission.