Thursday, February 5, 2009

Press Release: "Strikeforce Inks Deal with ProElite"

Freakin' finally.

Weekend Schedule

Get ready for another busy weekend in combat sports. Friday night will feature the eagerly-anticipated debut of the World Cagefighting Alliance, but it will also see another installment of promoter Lou Neglia's Combat at the Capitale (a long-running kickboxing show in Manhattan's Chinatown) and New York Fight Club 2, a multi-discipline fight show on Long Island. Info for both are here and here . MMA Journalist will be cageside to liveblog the WCA. Then, on Saturday night, there's "The Return of Macaco" in Newark - MMA Journalist will be liveblogging that one, too. Finally, Sunday morning has the NYC Submission Shootout. Expect some coverage for that one as well.

Joe Lauzon: "Vaseline? Ha! My Corner Rubs Me Down with Gasoline!"

Step aside, Georges St. Pierre - Joe Lauzon is here. Wading hip-deep into the controversy that has arisen from St. Pierre's UFC 94 clash against BJ Penn, the TUF 5 veteran and Massachusetts native admitted in a recent interview to having illegal substances applied to his body between rounds as well. "Vaseline?" said Lauzon. "Ha! My corner rubs me down with gasoline! Sometimes even kerosene! We're crazy like that!" Lauzon is scheduled to face Jeremy Stephens in the main event of Saturday's UFC Fight Night 17 in Tampa, Florida. Will this admission jeopardize that match-up? Said a spokesman for the Florida State Boxing Commission, "We always have fire extinguishers on hand in case competitors spontaneously combust, so it shouldn't be an issue. This is Florida, after all. That sort of thing happens anyway."